Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Aims to Compete with iMovie

screenshot_03When you think of Nero – you automatically think of Nero Burning Rom. Since as far back as 1997, Nero Burning Rom has been my personal go-to software for burning all my ISO files, ripping DVDs and CDs, and helping me utilize daemon tools.  The software  has also been a vital piece of software for those that liked to rip media, since Nero always kept on top of the latest codecs. However with the latest version of Nero, which just launched last week, it looks like Nero wants to be more than just a reputable burning software application, but a complete multimedia suite for those who love editing video, backing up their computer, and burning discs.

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is marketing itself as a three products in one solution. It incorporates Nero Vision Xtra, Nero Burning Rom, and Nero BackitUp & Burn. I got some hands on time with the complete suite and I have to say, that if you are looking for a simple PC software solution that encompasses video editing, ripping, and backing up – Nero has got you covered.  The suite’s interface on the surface is no frills. But it’s not meant to be – it’s meant to let users navigate and create content easily without having to be Steven Spielberg.

Nero Vision Xtra is the sweet spot of the Nero Multimedia Suite 10. It works kind of like a beginner’s version of Final Cut Pro, but with the easier interface of even iMovie. That also means that you don’t need a Mac to edit together a snazzy looking video. The software also lets you import video easily from any of your mobile devices – Nero will support just about any file type. So you won’t need to download a codec for your software to recognize it. Just plug in your iPhone, BlackBerry, or camcorder and pull the video off. Once you do, you can start the editing process. The interface is robust, but not so much so that you become overwhelmed. Within in a few clicks you can have a movie made with special effects, rotations,  sound overlays, and then have your masterpiece uploaded to YouTube. So yes, you can easily upload your videos directly to YouTube just as you would with iMovie, but this time it’s for the PC.


Nero Burning ROM hasn’t changed much since its most recent version, but this time there is support for Blu-Ray burning and playback without the need of a plugin. You can also split up data that may be too big to burn on to one disc – on to multiple discs. You can also set the region for discs you want to burn or enable SecurDisc for protection of your files. Again the interface is simple and reminiscent of the previous versions. So those who are concerned that Nero ROM has been transformed – no need to worry – it’s exactly the same, but with a few enhancements.


The third portion of the Nero 10 suite is the Nero BackItUp & Burn app – this is basically a one-step solution for users to select partitions, folders, or hard drives to back up. You can opt to select to backup specific folders every day, or when changes are done. You can also search folders of older back-ups in case you overwrite it in the future and need to retrieve an older version. Backups can be started manually or on a schedule as well, and are easily done with a few clicks. Once again, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this software, and your files will be backed up in case your hard drive decides to head south for the winter.


Amongst these core three Nero products in the Nero Multimedia Suite 10, the suite also offers an abundance of multimedia tools that you will grow to appreciate very quickly. These tools let you sort and find images, music, and videos easily, and tag your favorite ones. You can also crop and edit videos along with advanced video editing i.e. chroma keys for green screening, lens distortion effects, and adding effects with color. There is also the ability to make a cover for your video or music CD with the included Nero CoverDesigner. The list goes on and on with all the features that Nero packs into this suite.


Until now there has been a severe void in getting decent easy to use video editing software for the PC,  and Nero delivers. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is easy to navigate and use, without requiring an instructional class to learn how to operate it. It might be missing a more visually stimulating interface but in terms of functionality it delivers. Now only if they dared to enter into the Mac marketplace…  Nero Multimedia Suite 10 retails for $79.99 for the disc or downloadable version.

The Good: Easy to use robust software that delivers video editing, burning, and back up software in a single package. Great Value.

The Bad: Interface is aesthetically very plain and lacks any bells and whistles but delivers in functionally. On a few instances it tended to freeze in between operations but it quickly recovered.

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