PostEgram Transforms Facebook Status Updates into a Print Newsletter

fbupdatesSo your grandmother our great aunt, has been hearing all this talk about Facebook and how everyone in the family uses it to keep in touch and find out the latest about what is going on in each others lives. But maybe she isn’t the savviest when it comes to using computers? If that is the case, you can set her up for PostEgram, a service that transforms Facebook status updates into a full color printed newsletter which is delivered to the mailboxes of families and friends. All you have to do is choose who’s in it, and PostEgram will mail it to whoever you want. Pricing begins at just $4.99 a month for one PostEgram deliver per month, $7.99 for twice a month, and $14.99 4 monthly “issues”. Why you’d want grandma to know that you got wasted three saturday nights in a row, well that is your problem.

(Via Killer Startups)


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  1. I am interested in trying this out. I’m using FB as a diary/babybook of my kids and want to keep the posts!

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