Sanidoor Makes it Even Easier To Forget to Wash Your Hands

screenshot_04How many often do you go the bathroom and forget to wash your hands? Or rather how many times has someone else forgotten to wash their hands after using the bathroom, and you just touched that door knob and now have icky bacteria on your hands. Well it seems that many people do indeed forget to wash their hands – so that is why the Sanidoor was created. Sanidoor automatically opens up a door with the swipe of your hand. It’s completely touchless and prevents the spread of germs via the door knob. Sanidoor is meant to be used for public bathrooms in restaurants or hospitals, or maybe even your own home. Currently the Sanidoor  site boasts a slew of merchants who already are using their technology. However, personally I’m not sure if this is such a great idea or not – since it just makes it even easier now to forget to wash your hands…screenshot_06

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