Skullcandy Limited Edition NBA Mix Master DJ Headphones Available Tomorrow


SkullcandyIn less than 24 hours you’ll be able to get a pair of limited edition NBA Mix Master DJ Headphones from Skullcandy‘s website and Apple stores in select cities around the country.  Giving Monster a run for its money with their recently announced baseball influenced Beats by Dr Dre pair of headphones. The headphones are created by Mix Master Mike, there will only be 100 of each Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls headphones to go around. The headphones will be numbered too, so if you miss out on getting pair by the buzzer, they will be gone. Each pair of headphones will be sold in the city they represent, so if you want a pair of sexy red Chicago Bulls NBA Mix Master DJ Headphones, I guess you’ll be planing a trip to the windy city if you didn’t manage to get it online. The headphones include a mute button, soft touch ear pillows, two cable inputs, and a strong sturdy construction for jamming on the pavement.  Expect the NBA Mix Master DJ Headphones to retail for $299. I guess you’ll need Kobe’s salary to afford them.

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