SugarSync Review


screenshot_17How many computers do you use in a single day? How about in a work week? In today’s digital world, we are rarely in the same place for very long. The large majority of people are regularly on two, three, and even more digital devices every single day. These devices may include PCs, Macs, smart phones, and even the iPad. With your data spread out across all of these machines, keeping everything synchronized and up to date can be a real challenge.

Enter SugarSync– utilizing the power of the cloud to make sure that you are never without your essential data, anywhere, anytime. The SugarSync program will keep your life in sync across Macs, PCs, smart phones, and even the Apple iPad automatically. Imagine taking a picture on your smart phone which is then instantly and automatically uploaded to your SugarSync account and downloaded onto all your other computers. It’s as simple as installing the software on the computers you want to keep in sync, identifying which files and folders you want to be synchronized, and then forgetting the program even exists. Everything is automatic and updated within seconds. As you edit and change your files, they get uploaded to the SugarSync servers and downloaded onto any other computer you want.

Not only will your files stay in sync, they are also mobilized and accessible anywhere. You can share specified files, folders, and documents with friends and family very easily. They can even make changes to the files if you want and then they are automatically updated on your computer. Don’t worry about loosing data either, SugarSync features integrated file versioning, saving up to five previous versions automatically of any file, so it’s very simple to revert to previous copies. Previous saved versions don’t count towards your storage allotment either.


Business collaboration just got a whole lot easier as well. I know personally from running a business with 10 other members spread across the globe, that SugarSync’s features can and will make our collaborations much easier. GoogleDocs, various Wiki’s, a file storage service, all of these things are made obsolete with SugarSync.

Your data is safe and secure as well on SugarSyncs servers. All connections are protected behind SSL encryption, and 128-bit AES encrypted secure servers that are redundantly backed up on multiple data centers. Everything is password protected, and you can even hand out security codes to friends and family for special access to certain files.


Full installation and setup takes 5 minutes max. There are two different options offered to you for syncing your files- Full Sync and Lite Sync. Full sync will store a backup of the file as you edit it on the SugarSync servers and download it automatically onto any machine you specify. Lite sync will store the file online, and allow it to be viewed and edited online, however it will not automatically saved onto your other machines and smart phones (which may not be able to use the file anyway).

This service is still relatively new, and the developers are constantly refining and adding more and more features. For example- soon you will be able to keep your Outlook contacts and Mac address book synced across your network. Also automatic Flickr and Facebook update capabilities are going to be rolled out shortly for photos which is great news for digital photographers and smart phone photographers.

screenshot_18There is even an iPad app for SugarSync which has recently been updated with document editing capabilities to make it even more versatile and capable. You can open and edit documents and spreadsheets in other iPad apps like Numbers and Pages. One drawback however with the SugarSync iPad app is that files are not automatically synced back to your account on the server as you edit them. To update your files across your network with your iPad, you need to make use of the update by email feature. SugarSync is currently working with Apple though to make the experience truly seamless on the iPad.

Pricing is very reasonable and starts at $4.99 a month for 10 GB of space and goes as high as $39.99 a month for 500 GB of storage space.

There is another company that offers similar service called DropBox. It too is cross-platform compatible and has similar pricing. They do offer a full free service of up to 2 GB of online storage, and the Mac client is more robust and stable since SugarSync’s Mac client is still in beta. DropBox also supports Linux where SugarSync does not yet, but it does not support mobile devices which is a big gap in their compatibility. Debates have raged over which company is better, and in the end it comes down to personal preference. Overall, SugarSync is the winner in our books because of it’s ease of use and mobile device/iPad compatibility. They are an exciting company with a team that seems very interested in making it the best file syncing system on the internet. You can check them out for yourself with their free 45 day trial.