Toilet Sound Blocker Spares You Some Embarrassment, and It’s Earth Friendly!


keitai-otohime-toilet-sound-blockerThere are some days when the Japanese just blow me away with their brilliance, an this is one of those days. So it turns out that in Japan, the Toto Otohime (“sound princess”) is very common in women’s restrooms. This is essentially a sound blocking machine which spares a woman embarrassment when flushing the toilet. But what is a girl to do if she encounters a restroom without one? The Keitai Otohime Toilet Sound Blocker is a portable version of the Sound Princess that can with the press of a button, be able to mask the noise of your toilet activities. But not only will this small device save you some toilet time awkwardness, but it also has the benefit of being eco-friendly because “Japanese women often flush the toilet to hide embarrassing sounds but as each flush uses up around six liters of water, in these environmentally conscious times, a device like the Keitai Otohime allows you to both be discreet and save the planet.” See, brilliant! The Keitai Otohime Toilet Sound Blocker retails for $36 and is available in two different styles – Ribbon and Forest.keitai-otohime-toilet-sound-blocker-2