Crosley Releases CR3006A Heritage iPod Dock with Internet Radio that Has a 60’s Vibe

CroselyIt’s about time Crosley came out with something a bit more modern. The company responsible for selling jukeboxes, turntables, and antique looking radios, has released the CR3006A Heritage. Yes, it docks iPods and Mp3 players, but its sleek style and advanced features make it almost worth plunking down a cool $400 bucks for it. With a look reminiscent of the 60’s, its encased inside a walnut veneer and aluminum facade, so that owning the dock is almost like entering a time-warp. The CR3006A Heritage iPod Dock features Wi-Fi Internet radio, access to subscriber satellite stations like XM or Sirius, FM, an alarm clock, and wireless audio streaming.  It also has a big bright OLED display that shows show the station, artist, and song name where applicable.

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