Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand Review

screenshot_16The Desk Genie iPhone desktop sync & charge cradle is the ultimate peripheral for your desk whether at home or at work. It combines a phone holster, universal charger, a USB 2.0 hub AND an 8-in-1 card reader. The stand is made of a grippy non-slip rubber that easily allows you to mount your phone landscape or portrait. Desk Genie comes with adapters to charge virtually any phone. Desk Genie is also ideal for watching movies or viewing content on your phone or device (or iPad!). All of these great features, and it’s so sleek and stylish.

What’s in the box:
1 x Desk Genie Non-slip Charging Desk Stand
1 x 90cm Mini USB Cable
1 x Charger Output Cable
9 x Mobile Phone Connectors
1 x User Manual

The Connectors:
•    iPhone/iPod
•    Nokia 2mm (works with 5800, N95, 6700 and more)
•    Nokia 3.5mm (works with 3310, 6680, 6230 and more)
•    MicroUSB (for Nokia N97/BlackBerry 8900/Samsung Omnia II and more)
•    Mini USB (for BlackBerry 8300 /HTC Hero/MP3)
•    LG (works with all LG phones)
•    Samsung Tip1 (works with D900, U600, D800 and more)
•    Samsung Tip2 (works with Omnia, Pixon, Tocco Lite and more)
•    Sony Ericsson Fast Port (works with all Sony Ericsson phones)

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Set Up:
Set up is a breeze to take advantage of any of the features. To mount your phone (or iPad) theres nothing to it, just lay your device on the angled non-slip grip. To charge your device you will first need to connect Desk Genie to a USB port. Connect the Mini USB cable (included) to the back of Desk Genie, and plug the USB to a computer or USB wall adapter. A blue light will light up on the bottom of the device if it’s properly receiving power. Next choose the appropriate phone/device charging connector and attach it to the charge cable that’s included and plug that into the back of the device. Now your phone or device should be charging. If your Desk Genie is already plugged into the computer then you are ready to start using the plug and play USB hub and 8-in-1 card reader for high speed transfers. Your USB and memory cards will be recognized by your computer almost instantly.

The Desk Genie could almost have been designed by an actual genie. The design is very sleek and minimalistic, and yet they were able to squeeze two USB ports and an 8-in-1 card reader on to the base. The blue LED status bar on the bottom gives the device a high-tech appearance. Because Desk Genie is compatible with so many different phones and devices there is no built-in charging dock connectors; a charging cable will hang from your phone/device. This may detract from how stylish Desk Genie looks, but it is a fair tradeoff. The charging cable is only about five inches long so cable tangling is not a concern. After a few days of use I noticed that the non-stick no-residue rubber that mounts your phone/device started to attract a decent amount of dust. After one quick wipe down with a wet paper towel it was back to its original beautiful state, functioning perfectly.

Every aspect of Desk Genie works as it should. All memory cards and USBs are recognized by the computer almost instantly. It read all my memory cards. It was able to charge all of my devices. It even works with the USB plug adapter that came with my iPhone. It was nice to see  Desk Genie play nice with my iPad. If it can mount iPad, it can mount almost any smaller electronic device that has a flat surface. Keep in mind, charging phones/devices will not be recognized by the computer. To sync your phone or device with your computer you will need to plug it into the USB hub on the side.

The Desk Genie desktop charger is available from mobilefun.co.uk for £14.99 or around $23. The value you could potentially get out of desk genie will easily exceed the price. Scrap the charging capabilities, USB hub, and memory card reader and it is still a great stand for any phone or small device. Desk Genie will keep your phone scratch free and the screen is only be a glance away. Desk genie will work magic on your desk.

Affordable, Features!, Grippiness is perfect, Works as expected
Bad: No wire management for charging cable

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