Hello Kitty Cooler Stores Your Booze While You Work

hellokittycoolerYou know those little mini fridges/coolers designed to sit on your desktop and keep your drinks cold, so that you never actually have to leave your computer? Well now the feline queen has come out with one of her own. The Hello Kitty Limited Edition Cooler & Warmer, is of course formed in the image of Hello Kitty herself. Inside you can keep unto six soda cans as cool as 20 degrees Celsius, or as warm as 50 degrees Celsius. Why you would want to keep your drinks warm, we’re not sure – but maybe it’s a way to keep your latte warm while you work? The Hello Kitty Limited Edition Cooler & Warmer is available for pre-order for $479.99.K-KY887819(2)

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