HP Expands Premium Line with the Envy 14 and 17, Drops Prices Too

screenshot_10If you’ve lusted after the luxurious HP ENVY 13 or 15 laptops, but couldn’t part with all the cash necessary to buy one, then you’ll be very excited with this news. Not only has HP expanded the ENVY line to include a 14 and 17 ENVY laptop, but they’re also dropping the prices on all of the ENVY laptops across the board.  All of the new Envy systems feature a backlit keyboard, a HP TrueVision HD Webcam, and Beats Audio by HP and Beats by Dr. Dre. Measuring just 1.1″ thin and weighing 5.25lbs, the new ENVY 14 runs on a powerful Intel Quad core processor and it uses the same brilliant HD Radiance display that we fell in love with on the ENVY 13. This 14.5″ display doesn’t only offer more vivid colors than other laptops out there, but it also means that the display play quality is 75 percent brighter than most laptops. The HP Envy 14 will be available on June 27th starting at $999.

If you’re looking for something that is a serious desktop replacement with a big screen and even a numeric keypad, than the HP ENVY 17 fits the bill. The HP Envy 17 features a 17.3″ ultra brightview display, which also quite vivid and bright, although not as impressive as the HD Radiance display that its smaller siblings strut. However, where the HP ENVY 17 really does impress is its capacity for up to 2TB of storage, up-to 8GB of ram, Core i7 processors, its HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer and its ATI EyeFinity Technology for multiple external display support. And when they say multiple – they mean it! The Envy 17 can power up-to 3 external displays at once by taking advantage of its multiple outputs. The HP Envy 17 will be available on May 19th starting at $1399.

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  1. As of today… This may be my best option – My plan is to use Windows 2008 (with current RC) to run SQL Server and other services for a Developer and UAV 3D services (quadcopters with 3D HD cameras). The Intel I7 multi-thread and advanced memory management should be userful for 2008. The LED monitor uses less battery and HP offers 2 batteries for this price.

    HP has lowered the prices on all the models except for the HP Envy 17 3D. So, I will probably wait until Feb 2011.

    December 26, 2010 – HP Envy 17 3D XG554AV $1.984.00 Plus $180 more for 3 year on-site.
    Warning: HP Red Tag Sale coupon MU1457 (10% off “any” configured Portable) doesn’t work for the Envy 17 3D.

    Costco: The HP Envy 17 3D Custom Configuration from Costco is actually close to $180 more than HP direct and Costco can not provide the HP 3 Year “on-site” warranty for dropping, spilling, electrical serges …

    The GOOD
    Huge difference: The Envy 3D offers a 1080i monitor and ATI Graphics worthy of an i7 while the DV7 only offers a reduced monitor resolution and a graphics card that actually caused bottleneck with an i7 processor using 8 GB of RAM.
    As of today, here is what is included for the dollars:
    Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (I plan to upgrade to Windows 2008)
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-720QM Quad Core processor
    1GB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 5850 Graphics [HDMI]
    8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
    1TB 7200RPM Dual Hard Drive (500GB x 2) with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
    One 6 Cell (standard) and One 9 Cell (over-sized) Lithium Ion Battery (two bateries)
    17.3″ diagonal Full HD HP 3D Ultra BrightView Infinity LED Display (1920×1080)
    Blu-ray Player-Only & SuperMulti DVD burner
    HP TrueVision HD Webcam
    Intel Wireless-N Card with Bluetooth
    Backlit Keyboard
    HP 3D Active Shutter Glasses
    (in fine print – One USB 3 but NO Firewire port)
    Four Years from Computrace LoJack

    The BAD
    HP does not offer Windows 2008 operating system. You will have to do this yourself. I also could not find a “HDMI transmitter” for video monitors (or HDTV). That would be fantastic for professional sales – doing 1080i or 3D presentations! Shame on you HP!

    The UGLY
    The HP dv7t with the exact configuration (except for a 900i instead of 1080i and a not so great graphics card and no HP Shudder Glasses) is $1,478. This makes just the Display, graphics card and shudder glasses worth $415 more!! Why this huge difference? In addition, HP offered a 10% discount on the Dv7t today but 0% discount the Envy 3D! That widens the gap to around $515 difference for a monitor, a $30 better graphics card, and shudder glasses.

    Wait, don’t buy! The 2011 line of PC’s will offer more and faster RAM, HD and better graphics.
    CNET reported that Dell’s 2011 computer parts for manufacturing were 25% cheaper and much more powerful.
    If HP dropped the Price by 14%, it would be a “buy”.
    I will wait until 1 QTR of 2011, chances are very good that newer technology and cheaper prices are already planned.

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