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iPad Case Review Roundup – UPDATED

iPadWell the iPad is here and that means we are about to be inundated with cases – LOTS AND LOTS OF CASES. Of course this is needed to protect your new precious cargo. So we are going to provide a comprehensive list of reviews right here as we get new cases in. So keep checking back on this post as we will be continuing to update it with new case reviews over time.cherrycorkybackseethrusatinplaidsquishuneia#speckcandybooq#kensingtonrevpleatcolcaslingspeckfittedshieldhardcandy#iluvthin#folioelaniluvsock

JAVOedge Back Cover for iPad

Just in case having an iPad isn’t enough of a fashion statement for you, Javo Edge back covers will bring some artistic flair to the picture. The two we received is the beautiful JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Back Cover for iPad, and the intriguing JAVOedge Corky Back Cover for iPad. They have many more stunning design schemes available too. Notable is the lumberjack, made out of wood and the poppy made out of fabric, highlighting is the best feature of this line- texture. The texture is outstanding. The Corky is literally attached eco-friendly corks, not a print of them. The soft, grippy feel of it will make slips less likely, and is sure to attract plenty of comments. You can read your wine connoisseur blog while holding it and look like a real aficionado. The cherry blossom is also quite stunning. It doesn’t feel like you are holding an iPad case but rather Japanese stationary or wall art. The styles are quite gorgeous and come with numerous color and design options.

The case itself is made of reinforced polycarbonate that should help the iPad take the wear and tear of everyday life. It is well designed with plenty of room for all the jacks and necessary openings. It also snaps on and off with relative ease. For about $30, this is a stylish good buy.

Good: Great design, texture is wonderful.
Bad: No padding.


Speck SeeThru Satin Case for iPad

Speck has released yet another stellar case for iPad. Their new SeeThru Satin Case is a thin, but tough shell for your shiny new device. The one piece shell has raised rubberized traction on the back for non-skid usage and for a good hand grip. The borders of the case are raised above the face of the iPad to protect the screen from small drops. The satin case has button covers for the volume and lock buttons. These rubberized button covers feel just as good as, if not better than, pressing the actual buttons. There are cutouts in the case for the headphones, microphone, speaker, and rotation lock. The 30-pin dock dock connector is covered by a flip-back panel. Like the other Speck iPad shells, this flip-back panel is intended for use with the Apple dock and keyboard. Although it looks like the flip-back panel can be used to prop up your iPad, it wont, I’ve tried. Unlike the transparent Speck SeeThru case, the Satin is just barely translucent. The black satin will have an extremely light purplish tint in a very bright environment. Overall, Speck’s SeeThru Satin case for iPad is very nice; it’s thin and relatively light weight, offers ample protection and a nonslip back, and it maintains iPads sexy sleekness. It also offers a perfectly tight fit for iPad. SeeThru Satin in Black is priced at $50, but is not yet available on Speck’s website.

Good: Thin yet durable shell, good grip, good access to ports and buttons
Bad: Shows greasy fingerprints and smudges, flip-back panel does not prop iPad upright.


iLuv’s Leather Cover for iPad

iLuv’s iCC806 leather cover for iPad is a foldable notebook style case for iPad. It has a velcro seal which keeps iPad securely within the case. This notebook case will mount iPad in landscape and portrait modes. The case has cutouts for all ports and buttons, so they are easily accessible. The glossy leather has a very durable feel to it. The leather’s grainy appearance and chrome buckle gives this case a very fashionable look. iPad slides into the case by placing it on the left side of the notebook and sliding it into the slot on the right side of the notebook. The right side of the notebook has a frame that keeps iPad secure. The frame is about the same size as the black frame around iPad’s screen. The inside of the case is made with a very soft lining which prevents iPad from getting scratched or scuffed upon insertion or removal. iLuv’s iCC806 leather cover for iPad is available from iPad’s website for $39.99.

Good: Mounts iPad in both orientations, ports and buttons are accessible
Bad: In the notebook’s open state iPad can fall out of the slot it was inserted into (depends on how the case is being held)


iPad Sock Keeps It Cozy

iPad Sock is everything you could possibly imagine. It is a sock…for your iPad. iPad socks are knit, square-bottomed sleeves, cut to iPad’s dimensions and designed to protect your iPad from dust, dirt, and scratches. It’s a nice case for iPad if you’re just going to be leaving it around the house. iPad slides into and out of the sock very easily. There is no seal keeping iPad secure, so it may not be the best skin if iPad is always on the go. iPad socks are available in 9 two-tone color schemes. It can be purchased from iPadSock.net for $14.95 free shipping.

Good: iPad can easily be inserted and removed, 9 fun Color Schemes, affordable price tag
Bad: iPad is not secure in sock and can easily slide out if not properly held


Griffin Elan Passport Folio Case for iPad

Griffin’s new Elan Passport for iPad is an exquisite case. Its business casual design makes it the perfect case for any situation. The folio-style certainly exentuates iPads sleek form factor. Unless someone sneaks a peak at the profile view it just looks like a thin notepad or agenda is inside. The case is made of a beautiful looking grainy black leather (which could be synthetic leather–hard to tell). It feels durable and does not appear to scratch easily. iPad fastens in to four corner straps. The two right-side corner straps are secure straps that do not stretch, the left-side straps are elastic and do stretch. This is a smart design for easily securing iPad; just remember that iPad always buckles in right side first. The interior of the Elan Passport Folio case is made of a soft grey microsuede. The interior houses the iPad on the right side and 4 card pockets and one large pocket on the right side. These pockets would come in handy for business cards, ID cards, documentation, cds, or anything else that thin.

The notebook is fastened shut by a tab closure. iPad is safe and secure inside the case. As long as Elan Passport is folded closed, it should offer enough protection from small drops and falls, keeping iPad unharmed. Three of iPad’s four sides are left exposed by this case. This means you probably should noe expose this case to rain or sandstorms. This is also beneficial because iPads charging/syncing connector, microphone jack, and buttons are all accessable while iPad is snug in its suit. The lock button and rotation lock are partially covered by the corner straps, but can still be accessed. This case works well for propping iPad up in both portrait and landscape fashions. iPad will sit perpendicular (90 degrees) to the table when standing in portrait mode. Personally I found it to be a more comfortable viewing experience propping up iPad in a landscape fashion because the tilt can be adjusted. Be careful with landscape propping if the surface is too slippery the case can slip and fall slat. For this reason don’t leave iPad propped at the edge of a table. If the surface is too slippery you can get creative and put a book or something that won’t slip behind the back flap of the folio. This exquisitely designed case costs as little as $39.99 and can be purchased at griffintechnology.com. If Griffin wasn’t producing this beauty it could have easily been priced at double that amount.

The Good: Very classy looking, easy to mount and unmount iPad, props iPad up, good price
The Bad: Can slip when propped, straps cover buttons
Neutral: Exposed sides could either be good or bad depending on how you use it


Belkin’s Leather Folio for iPad

Belkin’s Leather Folio for iPad is one of our favorite iPad cases. The concept here is very similar to the Griffin Griffin Elan Passport Folio Case for iPad, however, the Belkin has a softer leather cover, a microfiber inner lining with a fancy pattern on it, and unlike the Elan Passport Folio, it protects the iPad all around its four corners. This way the iPad is more sufficiently protected and you don’t have to worry about it possibly falling out. Also, instead of using a clasp to hold the flap together with the case, a tight elastic band is used that wraps around the folio’s cover.

The overall effect of Belkin’s Leather Folio for iPad is super professional and sleek. Again, no one will realize that you’re reading an iPad from the back profile. This makes it suitable for the subway and other places we’re you wouldn’t want to necessarily advertise that you have an iPad. The case is also lightweight considering it’s a leather case, and it’s also a nice slim fit for your iPad, so you’ll be adding minimal bulk. Belkin’s Leather Folio for iPad retails for $59.99 and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Good: Looks professional, disguises your iPad as a regular leather portfolio, keeps your iPad secure on all its sides
The Bad: The leather is so soft that it easily gets scruffed

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iLuv’s Durable Ultra Thin Clear Case keeps iPad looking Sexy

iLuv’s iCC803 clear plastic shell for iPad is superthin and does a great job of keeping iPad looking sexy. It will keep iPad’s aluminum back pristine. The clear shell is a also a great way to add grippiness to the back of your iPad. The aluminum back can be very little slippery with dry hands. The plastic backing makes it much easier to prop up iPad using just your palm. The shell is easy to attach and detach from iPad. When it is attached it becomes one with iPad, and fits tightly. The shell has cutouts for all buttons and ports, so they are just as easily accessible. Also included with the iLuv’s ultra thin shell is a plastic folding stand. The folding stand is made of a thick plastic, which is perforated for bending. The angle of the stand is adjustable, which is useful. While it is a “folding stand”, it is not very practical to ever unfold it. Each bend in the plastic is very rigid, and does not want to be unbent. The stand works very well with iPad mounted any which way. It will work the same with or without the clear plastic shell. iLuv’s durable ultra thin clear case can be purchased for $19.

Good: Keeps iPad looking sexy, can still fit in iPad sleeves, good grippiness, comes with stand
Bad: No screen protection, stand does not easily fold flat and doesn’t look like it will last long


Speck’s CandyShell for iPad…yummy

Speck’s new CandyShell for iPad looks good, feels good, and lets me sleep easy at night knowing my iPad’s nice aluminum casing isn’t getting covered in scratches. When iPad pops into this one-piece hard shell, CandyShell becomes one with your iPad. iPad will become much easier to hold on to and prop with your hand. A plastic back offers much better grip than aluminum, which has very little friction. CandyShell feels good, and it also looks good. Most people will not be able to tell that it is a case.

It is surprising how easily iPad can be mounted and unmounted into CandyShell considering how tight and snug it is when mounted. The soft rubberized interior lining is ideal for keeping iPad safe (it also looks cool!). The rubberized interior, front bezel, and button covers offer shock absorption and protection. The raised, rubberized bezel helps protect your screen from surfaces that could scratch it. There are rubber button covers for volume and lock buttons, and they are very easy to use after a day of breaking them in. The headphone jack and rotation lock buttons are still easily accessible. CandyShell has a flip-back panel so that iPad can still be docked (or charged) without removing it from the case. Don’t be confused, this flip-back panel will not mount iPad upright (I tried…). Currently CandyShell is available in BatWing Black and NightShade purple. It can be purchased for $49.95 from Speck’s website.

Good: Offers much better grip when propping with hand, still thin enough to also fit in iPad sleeves, good protection, looks like it’s part of the device.
Bad: Flip-Back panel does not function as a kickstand


Booq’s Boa Skin XS for iPad – Super Slim Design

Booq’s Boa Skin XS for iPad is a lightweight iPad sleeve that offers some solid protection. The top side of the skin is made of neoprene, which is soft, durable, and stretchy. The bottom of the case is made of “twylon.” It feels like a very tough and rigid cardboard wrapped in a rough polyester. The bottom of the case is about half an inch larger than the iPad on all sides. This provides impact protection. Should the iPad fall corner-first with Boa Skin the rigid twylon base will absorb much of the impact. The neoprene casing ensures a snug and tight fit for iPad. The inside of the skin is soft and will provide a non-scratch home for iPad. There is no flap or seal required to keep iPad in Boa skin. iPad can still be easily charged or synced while sitting in the Skin. It is available in 5 stylish colors: turquoise, yellow, violet, sand, and black for $29.95. If you’re looking for a durable skin that won’t make it look like you’re carrying around an entire laptop, Boa Skin is the move.

The Good: Tight fit, Durable, Accentuates iPads Form Factor
The Bad: Nothing yet…

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Kensington’s Reversible Sleeve for Netbooks and iPad – Minimalist, with an unbeatable price

Kensington’s Reversible Sleeve has no mention of iPad on the package and yet it offers a suspiciously perfect fit. iPad is encased snuggly in this sleeve with no wiggle room. Kensington’s Sleeve was also a perfect fit for my Acer Aspire One netbook. It seems that iPad’s larger length and width make up for a netbook’s extra thickness. Kensington’s Reversible Sleeve is made of neoprene, which is on par with all the other neoprene cases out there. It may offer some protection from drops, but it best protects from dirt, dust, and scratches. This sleeve has a flap that is pulled over the iPad or Netbook to ensure your device isn’t going anywhere. iPad still sits comfortably and safely in the sleeve while unflapped. This is convenient while charging. Kensington’s sleeve is available in just the black/grey model. The best part is it’s only $10.

The Good: Very affordable, reversible, compatible with iPad and netbooks
The Bad: No inner lining like other neoprene cases, doesn’t protect from drops

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Belkin’s Pleat Sleeve for iPad – Most Convenient for Carrying Accessories

Belkin’s Pleat Sleeve for iPad is a neoprene housing for iPad with a zippered expandable pocket. The case seems to offer some nice protection for iPad with it’s reinforced borders and front panel. It also has a soft quilted inner lining. The case seals the iPad inside with a zipper for a secure closure. It offers a pretty snug home for the device. The pleats on the front of the case expand to accommodate whatever accessory you put in the pocket. Belkin recommends using for your iPad accessories like “your charger or iPod,” which it will surely fit. Personally, I would be cautious about putting anything lumpy in this pocket unless you want a lump shaped crack on your iPad’s screen if you drop it. The pocket is ideal for cords, document, disks, and an iPad wipe. The Pleat Sleeve is available in Perfect Plum (with Violet Mist interior) or Black (with white interior) for $39.95.

The Good: More durable than some of the other neoprene sleeves, has a pocket, secure seal.
The Bad: Can’t charge device in the sleeve, weary of welcoming sized pocket, on the pricier side of neoprene cases

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Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve – Best for Traveling

The Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve is the the case of choice for serious travelers, and those who are generally tough with their gadgets. The Bubble Sleeve is a molded EVA-foam that sports a pretty unusual design – it has bubbles on the outside. On the inside there is a soft interior lining, along with shock absorbing rubber bumpers. Between the bubbles on the outside, the soft lining, and the rubber bumpers, we feel confident that the Bubble Sleeve will protect the iPad from some serious knocks and shakes, making it perfect for a trip to the airport. The case also feels well made. However, while the Bubble Sleeve isn’t quite a fashion oriented type of case, it still has a modern and stylish look going for it. In any case, the next time we take a flight, or go on a serious road trip, we’ll be using the Bubble Sleeve to protect our iPad. The Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve retails for $49.95 and is available in Black, Pink or Green.

The Good: Manages to be good looking and stylish while offering lots of durability protection.
The Bad: The Rubber bumpers don’t hold the iPad down into the case, which means if you turn it sideways or upside down, the iPad will slip out

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ColcaSac iPad Sleeve – Best for Deterring Thieves

The ColcaSac iPad Sleeve is somewhat of a cross between a fashionista and hippy style case. These iPad sleeves are handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they are created using tough natural fabrics that are easy on the environment. Along those lines, what is great about these cases is that their materials actually end up disguising your iPad – most passerby would not realize that you’re carrying a valuable toy inside. The case’s soft lining also fits snuggly around the iPad and provides an adequate amount of protection from knocks and drops. The ColcaSac iPad Sleeve also has a convenient pocket on it for storing a accessory, such as a pair of earbuds, or a charging cable. The ColcaSac is available in several colors including the Original (tan burlap), ColcaSac (brown hemp), Black ColcaSac (black hemp), Red Delicious (red burlap) and a Passion Vine (red print cotton) for $34.95.

The Good: Hand made, comes in several different materials and patterns
The Bad: Accessory can fall out of the open pocket

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Kensington’s Sling Bag for iPad

“Sling it and go” says Kensington. Chances are you bought an iPad because you don’t want to lug around an entire laptop. Therefore, why lug around a big backpack or laptop bag anyway? That’s where sling bag steps in. Not quite a backpack and much more than an iPad case, Kensington offers us an appropriate-sized tote for our shiny new device. Sling bag has enough room for iPad and all of its accessories plus a few notebooks. Sling it over your shoulder and you’re good to go. iPad is safe from bumps and scratches. The strap is messenger bag style and is adjustable through the power of velcro. There is an inside accessory pocket great for wallet, keys, and other valuables. The outside pocket has an inner compartment for a mobile phone or mp3 player. The iPad pocket on the inside is padded and has a velcro seal. iPad fits, but it hasgot some wiggler room. Just about enough wiggle room for you to insert iPad with its favorite skin or shell.

Kensington’s Sling Bag can also safely house any 9″ to 10″ laptop or netbook. Sling bag offers a lot of value for just $20. Plus its got a life time warranty. You might even be able to snag it for $16.99 from MacMall.

Good: Great Price, Compact travel case for iPad
Bad: Could use extra padding with a snugger fit for iPad

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Speck Fitted Case for iPad

Like with Speck’s other fitted cases, Speck’s Fitted Case for iPad is a slim case that manages to also be sophisticated and stylish. The Fitted Case case is a hard-shell case that is covered in a matte soft-touch coating on the inside and a fabric-wrapped back on the outside. The frabric-wrapped back is available in several styles including houndstooth gray, fadeway gray/black/green, fadeway gray/black/pink, classic plaid pink and gray and black and white plaid. The case itself is made of two pieces which are easily snapped together once you position your iPad into the bottom piece. The FItted Case does a good job of protecting most of your iPad, but it still leaves access to all of the iPad’s buttons, controls, and the dock connector. It also does not provide protection for the iPad’s display, so you’ll want to opt for something like Speck’s ShieldView’s Screen Protector for iPad to complete the package. Overall, the Speck Fitted Case for iPad manages to provide a decent amount of protection from daily bumps and scruffs, but most of all it’s about looking good. The Speck Fitted Case for iPad retails for as little as $40 on Amazon.

The Good: Form fitting and sopshiticated-looking

The Bad: iPad’s Display is left unprotected


Plaid Doctrine’s EcoFriendly iPad Sleeve

Plaid Doctrine has released an iPad Sleeve with a velcro seal and two generously sized pockets. The casing is constructed with water- and stain-resistant “high performance fabric” and is made from recycled bottles. The inner casing is made of a durable ripstop nylon. In between the inner and outer casing is foam padding which offers some decent protection from bumps and small drops. The pockets offer enough room for your charger, a cell phone, portable modem, granola bar, and even a pack of gum (yup, I tried it). The velcro did a good job of sealing all of my accessories safely inside of the pocket, although the seal is not ideal for very small items like jewlery. The inside of the case offers a very roomy home for iPad. If you have a bulky case or shell on your iPad, this sleeve will accomodate it, no problem. Plaid Doctrine takes pride in the fact that all of their stylish vintage-inspired bags are manufactured “locally” in the USA. They also like to point out that their cases will not acquire a “smell” unlike many other cases out there. This case is currently available for $79.00 from PlaidDoctrine.com. This is a pretty hefty price for an iPad sleeve, but it all depends on how much you value its EcoFriendly manufacturing and unique vintage-looking design. It is available in three colors: Red Plaid (pictured), Blue Plaid, and Grey/Black Chevron.

Good: Eco Friendly, Stylish & Unique looking, Good Pockets
Bad: Expensive, Sleeve leaves too much wiggle room for iPad

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Hard Candy’s iPad Squish Skin

Hard Candy has released an iPad case that will have people wanting to touch your iPad more than ever! Their iPad squish skin offers superior protection for your iPad. “More protective than bubble wrap and way more fun.” The skin is made of a snug form-fitting silicone, and yes–it’s squishy. It is easy to insert and remove iPad because of it’s ability to stretch. Hard Candy was able to keep squish skin light by utilizing air-filled chambers, although the weight added to iPad is just noticeable. These air-filled chambers offer some amazing cushioning for iPad. Hard Candy did a great job of keeping all buttons and ports extremely accessible with large cutouts around the border. You will have absolutely no problem locking the screen, adjusting volume, listening to music, or plugging in headphones or the charger. The case covers the home button, but there is an indented circle outlining the button that makes it as easy as ever to press and double press. Out of all the iPad cases I have reviewed squish skin offers the most protection to iPad. I no longer have to delicately place my iPad down on to a surface, I can just plop it down with no doubt it will remain unharmed. It is also one of the most comfortable cases to hold on my hand. The only drawback I had with the case is if I tried to prop it up against something (like my large fruit bowl) it would slip along the surface. Even with out touching it, I could not get it to stand. The case is very stylish and comes in a variety of eye-popping colors: Kirby Pink, Buster Blue, Gamer Green, Orange Shock, Black Rubber, and a transparent Clear Bullet. It is available now for $39.95 from HardCandyCases.com

Good: Amazing Protection, Colors, Accessible Ports, Feels Great
Bad: A bit on the pricey side at $39.95

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Uniea Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case

Uniea’s Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case is not hybrid case/sleeve. The Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case is made of a very soft silk material on the outside that is also very lightweight. The case sports a convenient handle for easy toting too. But don’t let it’s modern styles fool you, on the inside, the case also offers plenty of protection for your iPad via the use of its Space-Age Memory Foam which works as a way to pad and protect your iPad without weighing down the case.The case unzips to fold out widely an don the right of the case are corner flaps to hold the iPad in. Unfortunately the corner flaps are not super secure, so we would not advise turning your iPad upside down while inside the case because it just might fall out with a wrong move or shake. The Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case retails for $339.95 at Uniea and is available in green, black or red.

Good: Offers plenty of protection but still manages to be lightweight, soft silky material on the outside, and also modern and stylish
Bad: Corner flaps aren’t very secure

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Speck’s ShieldView Improves iPad Visibility in Sunlight

Speck’s ShieldView Screen Film for iPad converts your glossy fingerprint-prone iPad display to an anti-glare matte display much less suceptible to fingerprints and smudges. Shieldview also protects iPad from scratches and even greatly improves screen visibility in the sunlight. ShieldView is a perfect fit for iPad, making it difficult to detect. The screen film uses advaced static-cling technology. It doesn’t use an adhesive, so it won’t leave any residue or gunk on your screen when you remove it. This makes it possible to reposition the film if necessary. I found that ShieldView will only collect about 10% of the smudges that iPad’s glass surface does. It is a drastic improvement. With a little effort the first time around it’s easy to accurately apply the film and remove all air bubbles. This process will take about ten minutes for perfect results. Speck’s ShieldView comes with two Anti-Flare Screen Films and a cleaning cloth. It’s available from Speck for $24.95.

Good: Improved visibility in sunlight, Prevents Smudges, Comes with two shields, easily removable and reappliable and leaves no residue
Bad: Upon very close visual inspection iPad pixels appear to have a rainbow effect, making the display slightly less clear


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