KontrolFreek’s FPS Freek and SpeedFreek for XBox 360 Controllers Review

getDynamicImage.aspxThroughout the week I have had the extreme pleasure of testing out 2 KontrolFreak products called FPS Freak and the SpeedFreek. The attachments to the X-Box 360 controller have drastically enhanced my gaming experience and have had positive effects on my gaming performance in general.The FPS Freek works with both an X-Box 360 and PS3 controller, what it is exactly is an accessory that modifies your controller to enhance the accuracy in FPS games.  Just snap these babies on and essentially you have made the thumbsticks on the X-Box controller taller. This leads to increased sensitivity when pressing the sticks in and also easier maneuverability, without the risk of running your hand off of the controller. I tested the product on three different FPS titles Modern Warfare 2, Bio Shock 2, and Halo 3. After a week of play testing I can say that my kill streaks in all of these games have significantly improved. My accuracy was flawless and in some instances where I might have screwed up, I was able to get those kill shots in seconds. The perfect antidote to a stress filled day is a bullet to head of an enemy – in a videogame of course.


The SpeedFreek accessories had similar effects. After logging in close to 20 hours of game play on games such as Blur and Need for Speed, I can say the attachments helped me make easier turns with less movement on the thumbsticks allowing for better, more precise handling on the vehicles.  SpeedFreek was designed for those adrenaline junkies who desire the need for excessive speed in racing, skateboarding, or any other game that requires added control to move like Sonic the Hedgehog. The design is a bit different compared to FPS Freek which makes the Thumbsticks taller.

The SpeedFreek instead adds a wing-like design. This gives your thumb more support and almost holds it in place so you can always have your thumbs moving without slipping off
Attaching the accessories to the controllers was fast and simple though attaching the SpeedFreek is significantly easier to attach and take apart. Over all the FPS Freek and SpeedFreek accessories are almost a must have for competitive gaming and very fun for the common gamer. If you are looking to really turn your gaming experience on its ear , then I highly suggest you add this must have accessories that will make your controller on steroids.  The better controls and faster reactions times will make a better gamer out of anyone who uses them.  The FPS Freek retails for $14.99 and the SpeedFreek retails for $14.99.


The Good:
Both the SpeedFreek and FPS Freek will enhance your game and will probably allow you to compete with top FPS or racing gamers.
The Bad: Constantly taking them on and off will lead to wear and tear quickly for the accessories and possibly your controller’s Thumbsticks.

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