Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Limited Edition USB Drive


It was only a matter of time before Lady Gaga got a USB Drive of her own and the time has come my fellow Little Monsters. The Limited Edition Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster USB Drive is the perfect collectible for any Lady Gaga fan. It has songs from The Fame Monster, videos, remixes, and even bonus content. There is no word on how many of these will be available but if you are a fan – I suggest you act fast. The best part is – look how freaking adorable it is!! The Fame Monster USB Drive retails for $49.00 and would look very fashionable next to my tokidoki Mimobot.


The Fame Monster

• Bad Romance
• Alejandro
• Monster
• Speechless
• Dance In The Dark
• Telephone
• So Happy I Could Die
• Teeth


• Bad Romance – Starsmith remix
• Telephone – Passion Pit remix
• Paparazzi – Demolition Crew remix Radio edit.
• Just Dance – Deewaan Remix
• Love Game – Robot To Mars remix
• Eh Eh -FrankMuzik remix
• Pokerface – Live From The Cherrytree House
• Bad Romance – Grum Remix
• Telephone – Alphabeat Remix

• Just Dance
• Poker Face
• LoveGame
• Eh Eh
• Beautiful Dirty Rich
• Paparazzi
• Bad Romance
• Telephone

• Digital Booklet
• Single Covers
• Photo Gallery
• Website Links

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