Lexus Hybrid CT 200h Launches Dark Ride Interactive Movie

02-Dark_ride_PR_imagesYou know when you go to Disney Land or any amusement park there is always that ride that you can immerse yourself into as if you are actually flying the Star Trek Enterprise or taking a road trip in the outback. Well Lexus is looking to submerge you into that same type of experience. Released today is a new interactive car chase movie focused on the new Lexus hybrid CT 200h compact. The film throws you into the passenger seat alongside actor Norman Reedus.

The move is being called “Dark Ride” and allows consumers to experience a virtual test drive on your big screen or computer screen before it is available at dealerships in 2011. The film turns the concept of green and hybrid on its ear. Instead of making it about skipping through the park and saving the planet, the film depicts a darker and sexier side of green which apparently is badass. You will be able to use an array of interactive features in the film— by inserting your own likeness (via a Webcam or profile pic), record your own dialogue lines, control the camera movement and POV, and make decisions that alter the path of the film so new situations arise each time. The film can be found online at lexusdarkride.com today along with the trailer for the film.


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