Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock Radio Now With Better Sound

Moshi-radio1Moshi once again has come out with an innovative device that does more than look pretty, their new Voice Control Digital Clock Radio will simply operate by saying “Hello Moshi.”  Consumers will be able to activate not one –  but eleven different voice control commands including playing the radio, setting the time, setting alarm, and even snooze.Like the original Moshi Alarm Clock, the Moshi Digital Clock Radio is easy to use and set up and it comes equipped with Technology That Listens, which means it recognizes your voice commands. In addition folks can listen to the radio in the morning without having to smash buttons while being half asleep or even away from the clock. Overall, what has been improved is a better listening experience and being able to play music via your MP3 player or iPod.  However, we do think that the overall design could have been a little less boxy… The Moshi Digital Clock Radio is available now at moshilifestyle for $69.99

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