Jay-Z Jealous of Beats By Dr. Dre, Launches Roc Nation Aviator Headphones with Skullcandy

screenshot_30We know that competition can get tense between hip hop artists, but Jay-Z is obviously jealous of the Beats by Dr. Dre’s success to go out and launch his own headphones. Jay-Z and his company Roc Nation, has collaborated with Skullcandy, to develop the Roc Nation Aviator headphones that are going to be available in white, brown, and black. The headphones promise Platinum sound performance via a 40mm full-range enhanced audio driver. The headphones also offer a contoured fit with an aviator inspired spring hinge. They also sport a tangle-free cable (hmm, that sounds familiar) which uses the Skullcandy Mic3 which works as an in-line music and mic control.
on top of that, the Aviator is also foldable and a plush carry case is included for toting them around. The Roc Nation Aviator is set to be released in June 2010 and there is no word on pricing yet, but based on the teaser site it seems that Jay-Z will be collaborating with Skullcandy for many more headphone ventures.


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