Sex and the City 2 Spoilers: Does Carrie Really Become a PC?

screenshot_08A little while back we reported that because of HP’s involvement in the Sex and the City 2 movie, Carrie would no longer be a Mac. Sarah Jessica Parker is also starring in a new HP commercial that showcases HP’s spring collection of PCs, so we were pretty sure that she had jumped ship. Last night in New York, HP celebrated their spring collection and Sex and the City 2 collaboration with a screening of Sex and the City 2.
Read on for spoilers.

Ok, so it turns out that we might have jumped the gun just a little bit. In the movie Samantha uses a TouchSmart PC, most likely the TouchSmart 600, while she is working in her swanky PR office. It makes perfect sense that Samantha would use the TouchSmart 600, after all it is a handsome All-in-one with a big display, that is touchable. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. It’s also the same PC that designers recently used on Project Runway to design their own patterns for materials.

Later on in the movie when the girls are vacationing at a five star hotel in Abu Dhabi, during one scene the Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Edition netbook is seen in the background behind Carrie. However, it’s not clear if the netbook belongs to Carrie or to one of the other girls. Of course the Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Edition netbook is the perfect gadget for any fashionista to travel with, so it could be that it belongs to any one of them – including Carrie. However, it did look like Carrie was using her MacBook Pro at one point in the movie when she goes to write at her old apartment. So we can’t say for sure if she made the jump or not – because there are certainly mixed signals there.

That said, HP’s campaign with Sex and the City 2 makes perfect sense. There is no other company on the market today that comes close to embracing women and fashion as much as HP is. Sex and the City 2 isn’t just a movie about four women – it’s about four strong women who exemplify fashion for the modern woman. These four females have become forward-thinking fashion icons across the globe. And HP is the first computer company to really merge fashion and technology in a way that the two work seamlessly together.

A general view of atmosphere at HP Celebrates Collaboration With The Much Anticipated

HP also has unveiled a special Sex and the City 2 store window display lined up now at Bergdorf Goodman. They showcase HP’s Spring Collection of PCs and are integrated with scenes from SATC2, including several HP netbooks and laptops that are decked out with Swarovski crystals on their covers. We can think of a few people who would totally buy one of those! Check out the gallery below for photos of the windows, or if you’re in New York City and you’re in the neighborhood, they’re worth checking out for yourself too.

Lastly, Big (John Preston) fans have nothing to worry about with Aidan.  If anything, Big shows that he has truly grown-up.

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