SleepPhones Headphones Make it Easier for You to Fall Asleep at Work

daa1_sleep_phones_inuseListening to music before you go to sleep is often a pain. If you sleep with someone else they might not appreciate that you are listening to a radio or iPod dock in bed. Falling asleep while wearing earphones are just plain bad for your hearing or just uncomfortable to sleep with. Sooo what to do? SleepPhones are comfortable headphones you can wear while you doze off. It’s made out of  a cozy headband that lets you plug in your mp3 player, CD player, or just about any audio source for you to relax with before going to bed.  You can wear it around your head or your eyes… whichever way you sleep better with. SleepPhones Headphones from ThinkGeek retail for $39.99.

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