Just Say No to Batteries with the Solar Powered iPod Speaker

solarspeakerBatteries are an evil necessity that might just be on their way to extinction, thanks to new products like the Solar Powered iPod Speaker. This iPod speaker is supposedly the first ever Solar Powered iPod Speaker. The way it works is that your iPod docks into the speaker, drawing power from its rechargeable lithium battery which stores the sun’s energy. Three hours of solar charging are required for one hour of use – hey, that’s not a bad start is it? Close the panel and the speaker is able to resist splicing water with its rugged, rubberized and aluminum body. The speaker’s specs aren’t bad either, with two 5 watt speakers built inside. The Solar Powered iPod Speaker also works with most iPhones, iPods and other MP3 players and it comes with a remote for $199.

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