Modgrains Wood iPad Stand Goes Back to the Basics

140019228Since the iPad has come out, we’ve seen all sorts of iPad cases come out in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But apparently someone over at Etsy thought it was best to go back to the basics – with a Modgrains Wood iPad Stand. This stand features a Euro birch aluminum bracket that can be mounted to a wall or it can just sit on your desk. It also has a viewing angle that is adjustable from 35 to 55 degrees, and it leaves easy access for your USB connector. But honestly, we’d be a bit nervous that we might end up scratching our precious iPad by putting it in there without any cushioning. However, if you’re feeling more confident than we are, you can pick up the Modgrains Wood iPad Stand for $59.00. Or – you can check out other iPad case reviews in our guide.

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