I Make My Case Now Available for the iPhone 4

getDynamicImage Yes more iPhone 4 cases! Honestly I think next time – instead of trying to get leaks from  people close to Apple about the next wondrous laptop, iPhone or iPod – we should just sneak around those companies that do the accessories for them. Because it sure seems odd that they all can pump out such quick images for an item that hasn’t been released yet…hmmm. Anyway Case-Mate is the next one to launch the release of iPhone 4 Cases. These have to be my fave designs so far for the iPhone 4. We have written about I Make My Case already for the iPhone 3Gs and BlackBerry  – so now the concept will be available for the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4 Artist Series Original Cases. You will be able to design your own custom iPhone 4 case with art from world-renowned artists.  These cases will be available soon to customize to your hearts content and will retail for $39.99. But if these cases aren’t your cup of tea, Case-mate has also already come out with a selection of 26 iPhone 4 cases and accessories.