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Hands on with the New Dyson AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal Fan


Today we got a hands on with two of the newly launched Dyson Multiplier Fans, the AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal floor standing fans. The AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal floor standing fans are designed to create uninterrupted breeze of cool air in larger spaces. Dyson first introduced the Air Multiplier technology in October 2009 and is continuing to innovate the line today with their latest masterpieces by taking something mundane and turning it on its ear. The Dyson AM02 Tower fan is an oval shaped tower fan that stands less than three feet tall and draws in nearly nine gallons of air per second, the machine amplifies the air 16 times creating a cool and breezy airflow. The Dyson AM03 Pedestal fan goes to as high as 8.6 inches, and is the largest of all Dyson Air Multiplier fans. It takes in almost nine gallons of air per second, which means it can cool bigger rooms and areas much more easily. I was able to get a hands on with these fans and I can tell you on this hot, 2nd day of Summer, they were delicious. The room that the fans were in was purposely made warmish so you could take in the subtle coolness of the fans. Certainly my beads of sweat felt chilly when the AM02 fan cooled me from the waist up. In addition both fans where very light yet stable. Once again Dyson has taken an ordinary object and designed it in such a way to make it extraordinary and for the price it better be, because both will retail for $449.99.

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Update 9/27/2010 – Check out our review of the Dyson AMO3 Pedestal Fan.