Comodo Offering Free Internet Security Software with Firewall + Antivirus

Antivirus_Screenshot2If only we had a penny for every computer we’ve sat down at where the internet security software’s subscription was expired, or there wasn’t an internet security suite installed altogether. Despite all the warnings, people still don’t get how important it is to have an anti-virus and firewall program running on your PC. Until now, for those not able or willing to shell out money on a complete Internet Security Suite like Norton, we’ve recommended using a combination of Avast! or AVG Antivirus along with a free firewall program like the one from Comodo has been offering for some time now. But while these are all great options because they’re free, installing multiple security programs can be a resource hog on your system, and it can also be a bit overwhelming to maintain for people who aren’t so technical savvy. So when we discovered that Comodo is now offering free internet security software with their Firewall + Antivirus download, we were pretty impressed.

Comodo Internet Security 4.0 is totally free and it happens to be pretty robust too. It’s also compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, and when installing it you can choose to install the antivirus and firewall as standalone, or to install both. We tested Comodo Firewall + Anitivirus on a Windows 7 system and a noticed a negligible impact on system resources, and so far it seems to be doing a good job. Is it as robust as the likes of Norton Internet Security? probably not, but it’s hard to believe that something that runs this well is free – but it is! Now there is no excuse for someone you know to be using an unprotected PC.

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