What’s Next After 3D TV and Google TV? Check Out Samsung’s TVs of the Future

screenshot 105 Whats Next After 3D TV and Google TV? Check Out Samsungs TVs of the Future

Super thin OLED TVs, Internet connected televisions like the recently announced Google TV, and 3D TVs are the hot TV technologies everyone is talking about… today. But where are TVs heading down the road? We ourselves couldn’t help but ask – what else is left when it comes to television? At Samsung’s THINnovation Event in New York, Samsung talked about television technologies of the not too distant future that they’re currently developing.
One of these new TVs is actually a 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses, unfortunately this TV isn’t designed for the home market. This 3D TV will be rolled out into public places such as Casinos. Samsung is also working on multi-display TV systems that utilize multiple LCD displays so that you can really bring the theater experience to your home with a home theater system that fills up an entire wall – this new display system is called a Window Wall. Samsung has also invented a way to create super futuristic Transparent Displays by utilizing an LCD that doesn’t require a backlight. These kind of displays will likely be used as touchscreen interactive displays for store windows. To top it all off, Samsung is also working on virtual holographic displays that they are will be around in the not too distant future – yes, just like the ones in Star Wars.
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  • K4midi

    Technology never die, i think all of them can make perfect especially technology

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DBDLOJ6I4637FRY5KFKVDB4BRM Richy Raymond

    I think this TV is really awesome but it will empty my pocket. The 3D technology is newly started in market and will take time to be improve. I am currently happy with my LCD TV which is just 2D. I will buy 3D after 2 years when the technology will improve and will offer the smart + real 3D experience.