Twi-Hards will Heart Twilight Eclipse Laptop Skins and Cellphone Cases

SkinitSo the launch of the iPhone 4 has finally passed. So now everyone is on to the next waiting line – for Twilight Eclipse. Yes, the Twilight Saga continues tomorrow to be exact, and people have already started lining up and sleeping in tents outside of theaters to be the first ones to see it a few days ago. If  you think iPhone 4 people are hardcore – you haven’t seen lovesick teens who think they should be the ones choosing Jacob or Edward, not Bella. So in order to tide you over, here are a few geeky items to make your time on line pass or make those around you envious of your geeky Twilight wares. Skinit is offering up exclusive Twilight Eclipse Skins for all your devices. Be it a Kindle, iPhone, iPod, Laptop, etc…if you have one of these gadgets, Skinit could probably put a sexy Eclipse Skin on your device.

wiiNeed to brush up on your Twilight since the last time you saw the movie? Well there is always Twilight Scene It? for Wii to get you up to speed and it only costs $15.99 at ebgames.

TcasesHow about a new Twilight Eclipse case for your iPhone 4, HTC EVO or Samsung Galaxy? Well Amazon has two available, one with the word eclipse stitched onto it and one with Team Jacob. Over at Etsy there is an Eclipse inspired crocheted iPhone/iPod Touch Cozy with red ribbon to boot on it. All three are cute and would make a perfect accessory to schlep your phone around in declaring you as a Twi-hard.

335909152v9_480x480_Front_Color-WhiteWant to film the lines of people waiting on line to get into the movie theater? Well head on over to Cafe Press where they have Twilight inspired Flip MinoHD Camcorders. Designs range from Team Jacob to taglines from the movie. They retail for $199.

Twilight-TrackerLastly the the Official Twilight App has gotten an update, however the reviews are a bit mixed, but for $.99 how can you go wrong. The “Twilight Tracker” App lets you  Socialize with fans around the world and gain access to content for all the movies from The Twilight Saga series.


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