Google Cloud Print & HP ePrint Brings Us One Step Closer to the Jetsons

jetsonsToday the world just became one step closer to a future originally envisioned by the Jetsons. At the Launch of Internet Week in New York City, Google has announced Google Cloud Print in conjunction with HP’s next generation of web connected printers which will be cloud connected printers. Google Cloud Print lets mobile devices print directly to a printer by bypassing a computer altogether by using the cloud. It also lets computers print to a printer remotely, without installing special software. The idea here is that new print apps will not rely on a local operating system and print drivers to print something. Instead users will be able to print directly from new print apps that utilize this new API – including iPhone and Android apps, from Gmail, from Chrome OS, or by emailing a dedicated email address that will be assigned to HP’s new cloud connected printers.
overview“Our goal is to build a printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.”

On hand were representatives from Yahoo, Nickelodeon and Live Nation who each spoke how they would use this new ability. Live Nation says that they plan on using it to let people print out tickets, and promotions from a mobile app. Nickelodeon says that for example, their new Dora Nick Jr. iPhone app has activities which can be printed out directly from the app – so when your kid gets home, their masterpiece will be waiting for them. Yahoo said that they’ll be using this new APi in various ways, but most interestingly they said they’ll be running a test pilot with HP which will give advertisers the ability to test certain promotions through printed pages from the cloud.

HP has also announced several web connected and cloud connected PCs that will work with Google Cloud print. In conjunction with these new printers, they’ve also announced HP ePrintCenter which will offer users a personalized home page where they can easily locate printers to print to remotely (eg: FedEx Kinkos), the ePrintCenter also will provide access to many tools that will let you make gifts, design print products, and more. A new service called Scheduled Delivery has also been announced by HP, this service allows customers to choose content to be pushed to a printer so it is waiting at a designated time each day or week such as news from msnbc.com at 7am or kids after school Disney projects at 3 p.m. Now if only they could figure out a way to have the printer hand deliver a print out to you, wherever you are.

Click here for more details on the new HP Photosmart Printer line-up

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