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Exclusive Photos from Inside the Flagship LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center


_DSC0138Today we got an exclusive preview tour of the LEGO Store that is scheduled to open up next week at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Parents, get your wallets ready, because the store is nothing short of spectacular and is chock full of LEGO goodness. The flagship store is decorated with more than 50 custom New York inspired LEGO models, mosaics and dioramas. Are you missing some certain specific LEGO pieces, but you don’t want to buy a whole new set? The store also contains the biggest Pick-a-Brick wall with 116 different LEGO elements to choose from.

There are also over 300 LEGO sets and LEGO inspired themes available for purchase, many of which you’ll only find at the store and no where else. Because the store is located in Rockefeller Center, they are also offering exclusive New York-themed Merchandise like a brick New York T-shirt, and a LEGO kit for making a New York red apple. As a matter of fact, next week when the store opens LEGO will invite children and their families to come help them build a Gigantic apple made of Lego bricks outside of the LEGO store in Rockefeller Center.

_DSC0136But our favorite part of the store is the massive LEGO model of Rockefeller center. The model has tons of detail with lots of “Easter Eggs” all over it. For example, they even have a mini model of families putting together the giant red apple we just talked about. Kids and adults alike will love checking out this model for all of its fun details and secrets.

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