Mi-Sport Mp3 Player Headphones Are Waterproof and Will Read You Your Playlist

waterproofmp3-1 Looking for a twist on your headphones? Well the MI-SPORT MP3 Player Headphones are the first waterproof and wireless headphones that are perfect for working out or getting caught in the rain. They have a fully integrated waterproof MP3 player, so you can run, cycle and do whatever else you do at the gym. You can even use it while swimming or hanging by the pool or beach without worrying about being splashed. The headset will include waterproof soft sponge earplugs specifically made to be worn underneath the headphones, ideal for swimming and will block water out but allow sound in. As you can see from the rendering, the controls for the music are on the exterior portion of the headphones and control volume, track changes, etc… Lastly in similar fashion to the iPod Shuffle, your album text or personalized playlist is read and voiced back to you, in your choice of either a male of female voice or different language. There is 4GB of built-in memory with a battery life of 7 hours. Lastly it supports MP3, WMA or AAC music formats and will be compatible with both the PC and MAC. Pricing and availability is expected soon.



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