Monster Vision Max 3D are World’s First Universal 3D Glasses

-1Monster Cable has debuted their Monster Vision “Max 3D” glasses, which are supposed to be the world’s first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear “shutter system.” What that means is that they are the only pair of 3D glasses that will work across all brands of 3D HDTVs. The glasses lightweight design also promises to be comfortable enough for users to wear for hours at a time without feeling fatigued. The Monster Vision “Max 3D” eyeglasses and transmitter kit is scheduled to be released in September for $249.95 per set. Additional Monster Vision Max 3D Eyeglasses run $169.95 per pair.

Monster Vision Max 3D utilizes leading-edge RF technology to achieve its stunning results. The system uses Monster Vision Max 3D ACTIVE SYNC technology, based on Bit Cauldron’s HeartBeat technology. The result is an advancement that ensures reliable communication with the RF transmitter, producing the best and purest transmission of 3D content between the source and the eyeglasses and eliminating the common sync issues found in most IR based shutter glasses.
The system works through an innovative process whereby the ACTIVE SYNC technology allows the wireless Universal 3D Shutter Transmitter to listen to the signal from any 3D-enabled flat panel display. The transmitter then wirelessly decodes the shutter signals and transmits them to a sensor embedded in the glasses. Through this connection (via ZigBee’s 2.4 GHz radio technology), coupled with interference rejection software and sync correction, the specially designed lenses in the Monster Vision Max 3D glasses react electro-chromatically, literally blinking faster than the eye can see to create the most reliable, believable and immersive 3D images. Additionally, ACTIVE SYNC is the only technology that allows Monster Vision Max 3D glasses to work with one TV even when other 3D TVs or Monster Vision Max 3D Shutter Transmitters are in close proximity.
Importantly, Monster Vision Max 3D is the only system that has employed RF successfully and can work with ANY 3D-ready television set regardless of manufacturer. Notably, the glasses have a rechargeable lithium polymer battery enabling the user to enjoy thousands of hours of 3D content before replacing the battery. And to ensure total “future-readiness,” the glasses are adjustable to adapt to future standards – updating the system to learn new IR codes is simple via USB through the built-in Monster Vision update portal.


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