Ram Locking Cradle Mounts Your iPad in a Car or Cockpit

8ipadlWell I was waiting for the iPad mounts to make their debut and they are slowly trickling out. The most unique so far is the RAM Locking Cradle for the Apple iPad. It not only mounts your iPad in your car, airplane cockpit ( yeah I don’t want to be on that flight), dashboard, and car seat – it also will keep it on lock down from thieves. The Ram Locking Cradle features a dial combination lock that will keep your iPad in place as well as secure from those who want to get their own hands on it. Its practically ‘The Club’ of iPads – if you are that brave to such a thing. Prices range from $65.89 to 101.99, depending on the type of mount you need and it will be releasing July 6th.


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