Mousepad Shaped Sanitary Napkin Would Go Nicely with the iPad

10051907-21It almost seems like a distant memory when the iPad was first announced and everyone and anyone was calling for new cases with wings or nicknaming it Maxi Pad and on and on. Well now of course it doesn’t seem so funny anymore, since the iPad is a big hit. So what’s the next best thing for the sanitary napkin? Well making it into a mousepad of course. The Creative Anti-Slip Sanitary Towel Shaped Mouse Pad is yes, a mousepad in the shape of a Maxi Pad with wings. It will work well with both optical and traditional mice and because of its extra large overnight protection size, its bound to take up a quite a bit of space on your desk. The only question I have is, will it absorb coffee spills well? Oh yeah and if you you think this isn’t crass enough, there is also a Condom Mousepad too available for $11.99…


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