Nintendo Love Tester is What Mario Gets for Saving the Princess After All These Years

love_tester_1He loves me, he loves me not? Forget picking a part flowers, if you’re a real geek and you want to know if your special someone is in love with you, you’ll want to use the Nintendo Love Tester to uncover the truth. The Nintendo Love Tester is a remake of the original device that was created by Nintendo in 1969, before they were an internationally renown video game console company. The device actually uses similar technology to that which is used in lie detectors. The way it works is that both partners hold hands while each grasp a ball connected to the Love Tester, and then they have to kiss. The Love Tester will then be able to detect what level of passion they have. And the more that their hands sweat, the more the dial will react. You can pick up the new Nintendo Love Tester for $55.


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