Nokhoo Icarus Laptop Backpack Review


On a recent international trip I found myself wishing for a laptop backpack just like this Nokhoo Icarus Laptop Bag. I lugged around my laptop in a stylish leather laptop bag. It looked good. However, it was a lot like those women you see on airplanes in 4 inch heels; they look great but you know they are paying a price for it- comfort. If I don’t wear heels when traveling then why bother with an uncomfortable bag? After slipping on this stylish, urbane bag, I just don’t see myself returning to anything else for traveling.

Aside from the stunning artistic design, the highlight of this bag is it’s versatility and functionality. There are plenty of cute backpacks out there, but not all are as sturdy and well constructed as this. The exterior is a textured cotton and lycra that is heavy duty and almost has the feel of a soft denim. The contrast colored padding on the interior is about half an inch thick and is very protective. The padding is waterproof and shock resistant. Although it won’t do you much good in the rain because the front flap does not completely enclose the opening. Padding is felt on your back as you carry it, making for a happy back, unlike some backpacks that allow the laptop to give you a not so welcomed back slap as you walk. The padding is even thicker in the arm straps. They are adjustable, very padded at about an inch, and have a detachable slender cell phone holder for easy access that can snugly fit an iPhone.

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Altogether I counted 14 compartments or pockets, not including 6 pen holders. There are two elastic mesh pockets perfect for waterbottles on the side of the exterior. Upon lifting the beautifully embroidered front flap, you will see a large exterior pocket that unzips. There is gallons of room in this thing. It even has a full size zippered mesh pocket to store all your chords and what not. Moving on into the interior, the main compartment has the obvious section for the laptop, and a large section on the other side where you could stuff plenty of things, ie… books, magazines, even a set of clothes for the day, anything really. It is 16 inches deep so you have a lot of room to work with here. This section has what they call a “secret” pocket that would be useful for storing your travel documents. The design of this bag could be a real deterrent to theft because it isn’t easy to slip into quickly.

Also, impressive is the way the product designer and traveler Nicole comprised the design. On her blog she describes how a trip to the Roman Pantheon and a marble inlay inspired the Icarus sprawl on the front flap, as well as the color and fabric scheme. Matching the gun metal fabric and the metallic embroidery is the metal hardware with a vintage brushed look. The dimensions come in at 11″ wide by 16″ high and 8″ deep. My 13″ Macbook fits with an inch and a half to spare, so it is safe to say a 15″ Macbook would fit as well.

Overall, the Nokhoo Icarus Laptop Backpack is an excellent buy. This kind of quality, of course, comes with a price- $150. It is high but you certainly get your money’s worth. The backpack comes with a 30 day window where you can return it for any reason at all. They also guarantee no manufacturer defects for the life of the product. The backpack also comes in three other colors- Raining Paradise (light blue), Sirrush (rustic brown), and Deloverly (rust) at Career Bags. But if the Nokhoo Icarus isn’t your quite kind of style, it’s really worth checking out Career Bags for their excellent selection of beautiful laptop bags, cases, and backpacks with designs and styles that include something for every type of girl.

The good: Durable materials, very comfortable to wear, lots space, beautiful design.

The bad: High price tag, cell phone holder not big enough for the iPhone

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