Phubby’s Hip Cubby So You Can Wear Your Phone as a Skirt

hipcubbyPhubby’s new Hip Cubby isn’t just another cell phone accessory pouch. It’s a cell phone holder that you wear like a wrap around skirt!  The idea here is that the Phubby design allows you to always feel the phone “vibrate”, it offers quick access for active people, and with the Hip Cubby, you wont easily misplace your phone anymore. The Hip Cubby is available in five different colors/designs for $34.95 each, including a Leopard “endangered” print.

Just last week we posted about the Showstopper wristlets designed to hold your phone and some accessories, and heck, that was a pretty unique product. But the reality is that Phubby’s other product, the Wrist Cubby is similarly crazy in concept. Phubby Wrist is a “cubby for your phone” that is available in several different styles too.


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