Pleo Gets New Tricks and Sounds with a Firmware Update

pleonew Well if you still got a Pleo wandering around in your house, then you’ll be happy to know that he can do a few new tricks now with a firmware update. The Pleo PM 2 firmware update from Innvo Labs takes Pleo to a new level of interaction.

Features Included in PM 2 Firmware:

• The hatchling stage is now longer with added features
• 12 new motions
• New sounds
• 72 motion commands are improved.

• New or modified tricks from OS 1.1:
◦ Play Dead
◦ Stand Up and Talk to Me
◦ Watch Dog
◦ Conversation
◦ Wave
◦ Red Object Tracking
Place a red object in front of Pleo’s nose

In order to update your Pleo you will need to Download the PM 2 Firmware by logging in or joining the PleoWorld website.

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