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Chip Chick’s Last Minute Geeky Green Guide to Prom 2010

screenshot_11Yes, we realize that in some parts of the country prom season is pretty much over, but for those schools that haven’t yet had one or teens that plan on making your own, consider this your last minute geeky green guide for prom this year!
Prom is the one school event that pretty much every girl looks forward to. For some girls it’s the dancing, for others it’s their date, and for most it’s the dress. But for all you eco conscious green girls out there it’s so much more. Perhaps it’s about maintaining your eco status or standing out from the crowd in some awesome eco friendly fashion this prom season. How can you look chic, stay green, and maintain your geek girl status?

26082008_231632-CNG-CHEVROLET-SUBURBANban_enterpriseLogoEvo Limo

Green Limos: The gas-guzzling Hummer Limo is soooo 2000, and it’s about time for an upgrade. Why not rent an awesome Eco Limo or the ever classy Evo Limo this prom season? More and more car rental companies like Enterprise are focusing on renting hybrid technology and limos powered by things other than gasoline for a cleaner more green ride to the prom. Sure, you might show up smelling like the peanut oil your limo used to get to prom, but at least your carbon footprint will fit in your stilettos unlike your friends who took the Hummer.

Recycled Dresses: We all know that dresses can cost an arm and a leg, so in the name of the environment (and your wallet) why not go recycled this prom season? There are two options for gals looking for a recycled dress. You can either choose option a) a “recycled” dress that you find in a family, friend, or second hand store’s closet, or you can go all out with option b) a truly recycled garment. Why not construct a dress out of your dad’s old newspapers, or weave something out of a plastic bag? And to keep track of your prom dress options, you can always download CU@ Prom for iPhone – an app that helps you organize and accessorize the type of look you may be going for on prom day. If Lady Gaga can wear sunglasses made out of half smoked cigarettes and look amazing, you can rock a dress made out of recycled plastic bags and look hot doing it.

Recycled Accessories: When it comes to accessories, anything goes. You don’t need the thousand dollar diamond tennis bracelet to stand out from the crowd. All it takes to make a cute accessory are a few materials and some creativity for a one-of-a-kind prom accessory. Anything vintage and retro is cool when it comes to jewelry so why not take an old spoon or maybe a broken plate and put it on a necklace? It’s creative, cheap, and I guarantee no one else will be wearing it, although you may be asked where you found it. I say stick to the “it’s an heirloom” response. No one has to know that you dug it out of Mom’s china cabinet.


Eco Friendly Corsage: Probably the most “green” part of prom, the corsage is a pivotal point of the prom mystique. The sad part is, once you cut the flower off the vine, it’s dead. Why not create your own eco friendly cloth corsage that will last you for years to come? First, make sure you choose an eco friendly fabric or two; preferably something like an organic cotton or bamboo blend. Next, draw a flower pattern and cut out multiple pieces in multiple sizes for your corsage. Sew the pieces together in the middle and fluff it up so it resembles a flower. Final touch? Add an old pin or earring for some extra bling and then keep your corsage for years and outfits to come.

L0_0552_0426_fashion04Keyboard-Cufflinks_44C84D02-For Him-bluejmx.cs.png

We obviously can’t forget the guys on this list, so why not get your guy some awesome green or geeky cufflinks? Perhaps he wants to show off his sympathy for the green cause with some recycled cufflinks or maybe he wants to remember his inner geek even when all dressed up? Maybe some old recycled circuit boards cuff links or the keyboard cuff links are sure to announce “I’m a PC” even when dressed in his best. Also for those guys who may not wear a bowtie or even regular tie to often – there is a cool Android app called Easy Tie that will help guide you to make the perfect knot in your tie. We’ve even found some EcoGir recycled suits made of 100% recyclable material from discarded PET (Polyethylene terephthalate plastic) bottles. Hey, they’re vintage.

Eco Makeup: So you’re decked out in your best recycled dress, homemade jewelry, eco corsage, and you’re ready to ride in the green limo. You’re forgetting the most important part! What about the makeup!? Even major brands are moving towards a more eco friendly approach with recycled packaging or makeup that only use sustainable and natural ingredients. Makeup mega store Sephora even has a whole section dedicated to Organic and Green products with top sellers like Tarte and Bare Minerals. Experts say to check out chemically safe companies at SafeCosmetics.org or CosmeticDatabase.com before you head to the makeup store to check out what brands are organic or green and which ones are not. Don’t forget to purchase some organic cotton sponges for application!

A Great Camera: Everyone knows the most important part of prom is the awesome time you’ll have with your friends. And although there aren’t many options when it comes to eco friendly cameras, you can stick with the green theme and choose from a wide selection of green colored digital cameras from Panasonic, Polaroid, Fujifilm, Nikon and more to snap pictures throughout the night.

Remember, prom isn’t about what you’re wearing or who you’re with, it’s about the awesome memories you’ll have.

(Featured image above is from lavintage.com via Google Images)


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