Samsung HM3200 Bluetooth Headset Review


In NYC, you often see people yelling at themselves. They are called crazy people, and most of us politely ignore them. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself getting “politely ignored” while walking down the busy streets of Manhattan and having to yell like a crazy person to be heard on your own bluetooth headset.  The Samsung HM3200 is a slim and beautifully designed bluetooth headset that addresses exactly that issue. Not only is this little gem super slim (only 6.5mm thick), it’s also packed with all the features you could want from a bluetooth headset. We have been using one extensively for the past few days, and we are impressed to say the least. This little guy addresses some of the most annoying issues we’ve had with bluetooth headsets in the past.

No more having to yell to be heard over the static- the Samsung HM3200 features noise reduction and echo crenelation using single mic DSP technology to eliminate all that distracting background noise. This headset also features automatic volume adjustment that detects the ambient noise levels and raises or decreases the volume accordingly, so there’s no more fumbling with the tiny buttons constantly. The resulting sound quality is excellent and crisp on both ends, as if we were chatting with the actual phone itself. The HM3200 also features active pairing for instant pairing with a nearby cellphone, and multipoint connection abilities to connect to 2 different phones! No more talking into your bluetooth headset with another cell phone attached to your other ear. We were able to pair this device with our computer for Skyping and our iPhone in about 10 seconds flat, no password necessary.

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Did we also mention that this little guy packs a battery that gives you 5 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time? We had a hard time wearing the battery down, and it typically recharges in a few hours. Oh, and it looks good too with a thickness of 6.5mm making it one of the thinnest Samsung headsets available.

We liked the super slim profile of this headset, and also loved all the features it comes jam packed with. The over-the-ear clip held it on firmly but not uncomfortably so, and will fit on either ear. The only thing we didn’t like, and this is more of a personal preference, was the rubber in-ear pieces. They work great and block out noise, but for those of us who hate having things jammed into our ear canal and feeling deaf on one side, it gets a bit annoying. However, that’s a personal preference and not a reflection on the actual product.

Available soon for $59, the Samsung HM3200 Bluetooth Headset is somewhat at the higher end of the bluetooth headsets made by Samsung, but it’s still affordable and it doesn’t fail to impress on style, or deliver the functionality of even the much more expensive bluetooth headsets out there. With this little guy, you’ll never have to worry about looking like a crazy person on the phone again… now about that shopping cart you’ve been pushing around…

The Good:
• Tons of high end features for mid range price
• Easy no password bluetooth pairing
• Crisp sound on both ends
• Slim design is bringing sexy back

The Bad:
• In-ear earpiece is slightly annoying

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