Samsung SE-S084 is the Kate Moss of DVD Writers

_DSC0090At just 17mm thin, the new Samsung SE-S084 is the world’s thinnest DVD writer. It has been designed to perfectly compliment notebooks and ultraportables by also being very light so that it wont weigh down your bag. The Samsung SE-S084 also comes in a selection of 7 colors (black, silver, white, yellow, wine red, pink and blue) that also happen to match Samsung’s netbooks’ color scheme, although they’ll also go well with just about any laptop or netbook. The drive will work with both Macs & PCs at write speeds up-to 8x, and it also features a Touch ejection button that is able to eject a disc just by the soft touch of your finger. But one of the neatest functions of the SE-S084 is that it can also work with a TV via a USB cable, and heck, you never know when that might come in handy. The Samsung SE-S084 is set to be affordably priced at $69.




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