Showstopper is a Stylish Gadget Pouch You Wear on Your Wrist

showstopperThe Showstopper is indeed a new concept for a gadget case. It’s designed as a small sized pouch that is meant to be worn on your left or right wrist, and is suitable for holding a phone, or Mp3 player and keys, money and or an ID. The idea is that it is able to replace large, bulkier handbag or wallet. Showstopper is also available in a very big selection of styles and colors, ranging from leopard prints, to colorful floral prints, and even some more subdued styles for men, with each retail for AUD$49.95 (about $43 USD). But will this concept take off? with the exception of using it for jogging and sports, we can’t see many woman wearing his with confidence to any place serious, but hey, you never know.

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