Sonim’s XP3 Sentinel is Tough Enough to Meet the Standards of the A Team


screenshot_15Do you find yourself falling out of planes or being submerged in water often? Then the Sonim XP3 Sentinel is the phone for you. The XP3 Sentinel has actually been designed for Lone Workers in energy, utilities, construction, security, forestry and logistics sectors, and to that effect it has been engineered to be super trough. The phone can be dropped from 2 metres on to concrete (so you’ll have to drop it onto the floor right before you land), submerged in one meter of water for up to thirty minutes, and it can operate in temperatures from -20 to 55 Celsius. It also sports a Gorilla glass screen that meets the military-level MIL-810F certification for resistance to humidity, salt, shock and heat. Inside the phone, its 110 decibel speakers are made to be loud enough to be heard even in the noisiest and most hostile of conditions – like picking the kids up from school.

The phone also comes with an Emergency Red Button that will work even if the phone is locked. This button sends the user’s GPS location to a monitoring center. A second button, colored Amber, is the way for a lone worker to send out a message that he/she is going into a risky situation and that they need to be monitored and tracked. The XP3’s monitoring service will then track the user on a map and remind them to use the phone to check in every ten minutes until they cancel the amber alert.  Finally, a green button on the phone can be used for a worker to send a signal that their work shift is done for the day.