Sound Egg Now Available at Hammacher Schlemmer


screenshot_018The very strange, but very cool Sound Egg chair was already spotted at CES this past January. Under the seat in the Sound Egg is a 10″ sub woofer, while the interior is lined with acoustic foam. So it was it exciting to see that it has made its consumer debut over at Hammacher Schlemmer. However, over there its being called the Acoustic Immersion Pod and is retailing for $3,000. While over at Sound Egg’s store site you can purchase it for a base price of $1450 and it gives you a wider range of options as well as colors. You can even customize the color of the acoustic foam lining. So I’m a little confused by the extreme mark-up but I guess if you can afford a $1450 chair to begin with, a few extra hundreds won’t kill you.