Star Wars Corsets Will Bring You to the Darkside

il_430xN.105223622Star Wars baby T’s are soooo boring, but Star Wars Corsets? Now we’re talking. After all, nothing screams that you’ve joined the darkside more than the DARKSIDED Star Wars Darth Vader corset top for $77.00. But believe it or not, the Darksided corset isn’t the only Star Wars corset being sold by a seller on Etsy. There is also the more pricier Star Wars Corsets covered in vintage Star Wars fabric which showcases C3PO, R2D2, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacafor $200.00. This same seller is also offering a Return of the Jedi corset made of vintage fabric for $200.00. And finally, there is the Star Wars Waist Cincher Corset, from yet another seller, which is covered in Star Wars fighter jets for $165.il_430xN.143340272il_430xN.143337018il_430xN.139195454

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