Find and Size the Perfect Diamond Ring with the Tiffany & Co App

tiffaniI guess there really is no company that doesn’t have an iPhone App these days. Tiffany & Co is the latest to enter the App world with an app  that lets you choose an engagement ring (there are 44 on the app), find out information about settings/diamonds/carats/cut/metal, pair it with a band that fits with the ring, and determine ring size by placing a ring on the screen and scrolling through sizes to find a match (how many men have had to find sneaky ways to figure that out – and failed!!!).  This is the first app for Tiffany & Co. and with the ring size finder, plus, you can also make an appointment to go in store or set up a call with a consultant via the app as well. So there really is no excuse for your guy to not pop the question to you now.tiffani2tiffani3 And maybe when he isn’t looking you can download the App on his iPhone. It is free to look after all. Either way, we think Audrey Hepburn would be impressed.

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