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Top 10 Reasons We Hate the iPhone 4


1. The lines here in New York at all of the Apple Stores are around the block. Many stores aren’t accepting customers without reservations either

2. In comparison to the iPhone 4’s new Retina display, it makes our Google Nexus One’s display look like just any old graying middle aged man, when last week it seemed more like a Zac Efron

3. You have to hold the iPhone 4 in a certain way or else you lose reception. We don’t like being told how to use our fingers.

4. Some people are claiming to see a yellowish tint on the display, which Apple calls residue from manufacturing

5. We’re afraid we’d drop and break its glass display, like so many people already have… if we had one

6. Really it’s just the same as the 3GS, but with a better display and camera

7. None of our old 3GS cases fit the iPhone 4, which means a whole new wardrobe will be required… when we finally get one

8. All anyone is talking about EVERYWHERE is the iPhone 4. And we don’t have one yet, so we feel left out. It’s like being the only kids at prom without a date. You can watch everyone have fun from afar, or even try to join in and dance, but it’s not gonna be the same. Not that we know how this feels from experience…

9. Our pre-order/ reservation for an iPhone 4 never went through so we cant wait on the reservations line to get one. So basically, we don’t stand a chance for getting one at this rate, until late July

10. It’s just a phone.
That we can’t get.
That we don’t need.
That we’re obsessed about enough to write a top 10 post.
Damn you iPhone 4!