Man Kills Kitten After it Pulls the Plug on His Video Game


alg_bruce_jamar_walstonWe’re not one of those people who claim that violence in video games leads to real violence, so let’s just put out that disclaimer first before we go on. A 21 year old man in Virginia has been arrested after he tossed his girlfriend’s kitten across the room and killed it when the cat accidentally pulled the plug on him while he was playing a video game. Bruce Jamar Walston has since been charged with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor animal cruelty for having thrown the cat right in front of his girlfriend’s young children. Here is to hoping that he gets tossed around a lot in prison.

(Via the Daily News)

Update: PETA has written about this horrific crime on their blog, and they are asking people to please write a polite letter to Commonwealth Attorney A. Lee Ervin asking him to vigorously prosecute the case:

The Honorable A. Lee Ervin
Commonwealth Attorney for Augusta County
6 E. Johnson St. Third Floor
Staunton, VA 24401
540-245-5348 (fax)