Find a Pub for the USA vs England World Cup Match with Footy Pubs App

footypubsAre you missing the USA vs England World Cup match right now? And you happen to be abroad, the Footy Pubs App should help you out. The Footy Pubs 2010 mobile application, the first of many mobile applications to come from Drinksin was launched on the Apple iTunes store this May. Nokia and Phones4U have also partnered up with Drinksin for the Nokia Footy Pubs 2010 application released 1st June, in time to promote and celebrate watching the World’s Greatest Football Tournament this summer.

How Footy Pubs 2010 works:

1 – Open the app and hit matches nearby
2 – View a list of pubs just around the corner showing World Cup matches that day

If planning ahead:
1 – Select Match Planner
2 – Pick your city/town
3 – Select the match you want to watch
4 – Discover pubs to visit to watch your favourite nation play.

The applications developed by Drinksin, work anywhere in the UK to bring you bang up-to-date World Cup match information. Get directions to all the pubs and bars showing this summer’s big games.Get fixtures and kick-off times in venues round the corner or anywhere you’re going. Pick a match then pick your spot.

For more visit www.drinksin.com/worldcupapp

+ Uses GPS to find a pub or bar showing the match you want to see near your location
+ Search and browse pubs and bars with matches showing & World Cup offers
+ Tell your friends where you’ll be watching the match via Twitter & Facebook (Nokia version only)
+ Use directions to easily find the nearest World Cup pub showing the match you want to see


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