Samsung Rolls Out World’s Fastest Blu-ray Drive and New Speedy F4 Hard Drive

_DSC0094Today Samsung unveiled the world’s fastest Blu-ray Drive combo. Most of the market is now selling 8x Blu-ray drives, but this is a 12x drive. The SH-B123L also consumes unto 25% less power than other Blu-ray drives out there, and has low acoustic noise for less hissing. Oh, and it also sports a nice mirrored front door for extra finesse.

Samsung’s other announcement is for their new Spinpoint F4 desktop hard drive. This hard drive’s specs might seem relatively standard at 320GB & 500GB capacities with 7,200RPM, but what makes it unique is that it has less movable ports with just one head. That isn’t quite like an SSD, but it’s an improvement over traditional hard drives. The F4 also features increased performance over previous generation and it uses less power consumption. The Spinpoint F4 features SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technology which helps reduce hissing and noises coming of of the drive.


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