Angelina Jolie Joins Twitter, Jennifer Aniston Probably Won’t Follow Her

angelinaSALT has joined Twitter – or rather, Angelina Jolie! Yep, the actress who has helped keep the tabloids in business over the past few years with their incessant coverage of  Brad, Jen and Angie, has finally joined the world of the #fail whale. She hasn’t officially began tweeting yet, but she has taken over the account from someone else who had the handle @AngelinaJolie and has put it on lock-down and made it private for now. No word yet when her kiddies will be hijacking her account to tweet about what country they are going to next, or if there will be a new kid joining their family. But most likely, Jolie, according to US Magazine will be using it for her charity work and for sharing links.

(Via USMagazine)

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