Cellies Arm Candi Transforms Your Wrist into an iPhone Powerglove

cellies The fusion of fashion and technology so far has been going pretty well. We have seen laptops and cameras being influenced by top designers as well as assorted cases and accessories, and even headphones. However sometimes this merge can go awry and such is the case with Cellies “Arm Candi for your Cell.” A great concept in theory, but just not that functional in reality.

The essence of the accessory is that it slips on to your wrist, and on one side it is a studded cuff in addition to being a holster for your iPhone or any cellphone. The inner portion of the cuff has a material pouch that you can slip your device into. Whatever kind of device you decide to slip into this ‘Cellie’ – you’ll have a hard time operating it through your cuff as this was originally intended. The material used makes it hard to see the screen in order to operate the device in any way. So for anything more complicated than answering a call, you’ll have to take out the phone from the Cellie and use it – instead of being fashionably discreet. The Cellie we got was the studded one and it seems to be one size fits all at the moment. So not only was it a little snug on our wrists to begin with – but adding an iPhone into the mix even made it more uncomfortable.


The concept of Cellie is also not all that dissimilar to the Showstopper Gadget Pouch that we recently covered. But while Cellies seemed like an ingenious idea and certainly fashionable at first, it really isn’t arm candy at all nor is it flattering. Instead you look more robotic with a bulky phone on your wrist. For those who are looking to mix up their ways of carrying their cellphones – then by all means Cellies is certainly unique, but not practical. However if you want a great looking material wrist cuff to match your little black dress sans phone – then this is a great fashion accessory. Pricing and availability is TBD.

Update 8/3/10:

Currently Available in: Black, White, Pink, Blue
•    One Size Fits all
•    Washable
•    Retail Cost: $35.00

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