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Dyson DC23 Turbinehead Review


Dyson. The name alone brings to mind James Dyson for his silver locks, lush accent, and a dreamy vacuum. Yes, Dyson takes ordinary objects like vacuums, hand dryers, and fans and turns them into engineering masterpieces that have inspired a cult like following. With the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead, a more economical choice (if you think $399 for a vacuum is a bargain), Dyson continues to take an ordinary device and very dreadful chore into something that looks somewhat more inviting. The DC23 delivers in spades with good looks, powerful suction, and a piece of household machinery you just can’t help but stare at.

The DC23 Turbinehead is the company’s cheapest vac and will probably entice first time buyers who are looking to dip their toe into the high-end vacuum market. The Dyson DC23 certainly won’t disappoint your wallet. It is ergonomic, lightweight, and provides a suction that cleans up pet hair from bunnies and dogs as well as crumbs from a sloppy geek girl. The DC23 comes with a stair tool, brush tool and crevice tool. Each one is nestled into the machine as if it was born that way. It makes it less likely to lose and easily accessible. You won’t need an engineering degree to figure out how to put the vac together. The canister portion of the DC23 easily snaps in an out of place for easy cleaning. The hose was a bit tricky at first, but it all easily snapped into place with its subtle clicks. The DC23 has two pronounced buttons – one to turn the power on, the other to zip the electrical cord back into the machine.

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I waited till the house got real dirty, so that I could truly experience the cleansing that the DC23 would give my apartment. Now keep in mind I’ve used many handhelds (Black and Decker’s, Dirt Devils, etc..), robotic vacuums, uprights, and canisters over the years. Why you ask? Well, one my mother has OCD so cleanliness was always an issue growing up. Two – I never quite found the perfect vac that could clean my hardwood floors along with giving my carpet a good sucking. The DC23 did both – it sucked up all that pesky hair on my hardwood floors and then gobbled up the dirt on my shag carpet. The exalted Level 3 Root Cyclone technology certainly lived up to its name. The included Turbinehead brush whisked up all the hair deep from within my carpet and when the beater bar was shut- off it sucked up coins paperclips and bits of kibble.

It was beautiful.

Suction without a doubt is the strong suit for this hunk of vaccum. However clumsiness and noise is its weakness. I found the DC23 to be a bit cumbersome and not easy to maneuver with, when getting from room to room. I would have liked an on/off switch on the handle while I was vacuuming, instead of having to bend down or hit the on/off switch with my hand or foot on the machine. The Turbinehead was wonderful as it swiveled its head into corners and underneath furniture easily but the bulk of the machine schlepped from behind and I often felt I was dragging it around or getting the hose wrapped up into it. In addition, this is probably a device more suited using in a single family home and not perhaps a NYC apartment, unless you plan on cleaning early in the day because it is loud! Too loud in some cases that you could hear it all the way upstairs in my duplex apartment.

In the end, I was able to clean both the upstairs and downstairs of my apartment, the apartment has a mix of carpeting, hardwood floors, wild pets that roam free, and slobs that eat cookies in around different rooms. The place looked pristine and the bin still had enough room for even more dirt and all of it was processed through the HEPA + Bactisafe filter. Overall, even with its weaknesses and high price, the Dyson DC23 is a household device that certainly will earn its value over time and may actually encourage you to vacuum more often.

The Good: Terrific suction. Easy to assemble. Large bin holds loads of pet hair and dirt.

The Bad: Can be cumbersome to maneuver. Is a bit loud.


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